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Vocal Coach & Singer-Songwriter

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Melisa Mia has been writing songs and performing for over 20 years. She has aired on BBC Introducing numerous times and has performed across the UK in bands and as a solo artist. 


Get in touch for Singing & Vocal Coaching.

Combining the right technique and training MELISA MIA believes anyone can sing. She has helped hundreds of singers reach their potential vocally from singing on stage, winning singing competitions, developing their recording voice, through to exam work and getting those auditions!! With 15 years of vocal coach experience, a BA Honours in Music Practice and an MA in Songwriting, you can be assured you are in good hands when it comes to developing your voice. 


EMAIL for a FREE 1-1 to discuss.

MELISA MIA also works as a mentor and can help guide you through songwriting projects.

Melisa Mia & Thiago Trosso | "Passing People" [Official Video]
Melisa Mia & Thiago Trosso | "Old Friend" [Official Video]

Let the Music Tell the Story

Melisa Mia has been influenced by her community, culture and the sounds of her hometown. She is fascinated by how people navigate through their troubled lives and encapsulates this through vivid imagery and concepts. 

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